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Overview of Michelle Hamilton-Page's Research

“Discrimination against LGBT people is pervasive in the workplace, with estimates between 25% and 66% noted in the career development literature” (Alderson, 2003, cited in Gedro 2009). Much of the research examining the working reality of queer  experience of harassment and workplace bullying focuses on harassment and discrimination in the workplace IF people disclose their sexual orientation. My work focuses on gender non-conforming lesbians (anyone who defines this way) whose visibility makes “passing” as heterosexual difficult, often impossible, exposing them to further risk as the intersection of their gender identity and sexual orientation places them in the cross-hairs of misogyny and homophobia.

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Thank you to the incredible 25 individuals who were part of this doctoral research. Over the course of October 2021, I'll be releasing the research findings, and my doctoral portfolio. These resources are meant to be used of participants and allies to make change in the workplace, or educate, inform, and spark discussion. Your feedback is welcome, please be in touch.

Butch - GNC Lesbian Research Project 


The Gender Non-Conforming (GNC)/Non-Binary (NB) Research Project aims to learn from the lived experiences and insight of gender non-conforming lesbians in the workplace. 

My research question asks: How do gender non-conforming lesbians negotiate the workplace from a place of visibility? This is a doctoral research project where I recruited approximately 25 individuals who identify as gender non-conforming lesbians to be part of a one hour interview over Zoom. The insight provided by participants formed the basis of information that addressed the gap in our understanding about the experience of gender non-conforming lesbians in the workplace. 

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“BUTCH IS NOT A DIRTY WORD” post on this project:

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Heath, tech, community building, activist and advocate.

YTH Conference


Opening the Spur Toronto 2015 festival, long standing LRC editor and moderator Bronwyn Drainie sits down with Heather Menzies author of Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good, Susan Pinker author of The Village Effect: How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make Us Healtheir and Happier and Michelle Hamilton-Page, Manager of Engagement and Marketing at Ushahidi to examine how we live, work and play together in a world where we have never felt lonelier.

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Working in national health online community capacity building. Clients include Canadian Cancer Society, Ovarian Cancer Canada, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Heart & Stroke Canada.



2016-Fall 2021

Complete! See Research section for doctoral research portfolio in Social Science at Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada.

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