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Research portfolio in four parts

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

In late August I defended my doctoral research having produced a research portfolio intended to be of use to participants and allies looking to understand more deeply, and address the experience of gender non-conforming, or non-binary lesbians/queers who are visibly queer in the workplace. (You can check out the portfolio in the research section of this website - upper right hand navigation will get you there.) I coded the 25 interviews, and produced a TEDx-style talk, a series of podcasts which end up being great conversations with Cath Wright (who I do a forest therapy podcast with...) and Meryn Cadell who among other things transcribed eight of my interviews and acted as an incredible credibility check around research findings. I will also be submitting an article to a peer-reviewed journal. As I engaged with my chosen research methodology, Kathy Charmaz's Constructivist Grounded Theory, she encourages diagramming and I started to map out the research coding into a visual of the findings. I came up with a bad drawing with Post-it notes that you can see in the video, and when I sent that pic off to my Dad who is an arts prof, and asked if it would be possible to turn the 2D image into a hologram, he said yes, and we began working on the fourth part of this portfolio (see screen grab of the computer rendering below) and what would be such a creative and joyful part of this research. I'll be releasing the podcasts over the next few weeks, and will post the printed hologram when it arrives this month.

Dive in to the research findings, start a conversation at work, reach out if you want to engage with me more about what I learned from 25 inspiring Unbound Leaders.

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